A New Year

New Year’s Eve is always a time for reflection. I certainly have my share of sound resolutions for 2012 — tools and techniques I’d like to learn types of projects I’d like to work on, ways I’d like my professional life to shape up — but more than anything else, I’d like to give myself permission to enjoy the ride a little bit. I’m traditionally very critical of himself and my own work, but as I stand here at the start of the rest of my professional life, I’m really hopeful about the way this new year’s going to turn out. Here’s what’s new.

Linear Audio Reel

I’ve cut together a Linear Audio Reel of some of my work from the past 12 months, put together with a day’s worth of learning in Adobe Premiere. Hacking it all together has already given me a lot more respect for (and interest in) the work of the picture editor, and Adobe’s dynamic link technology — which allows you to import and work with entire video timelines between applications, edit them live and see the updates reflected across the board without any re-rendering — is really amazing stuff.

This represents pretty much the full spectrum of post disciplines I was exposed to this past year, and I think it plays pretty well. But I’d love to hear your feedback.

What’s New

  • Finished post-production on Red Rabbit a month or so ago, earning my first IMDB Credit. I provided dialogue editing/mixing, ADR and Walla recording/editing/mixing, music editing/mixing, Foley recording/editing, and co-designed the sound effects for the film’s animated fight sequence. Red Rabbit has been sent off to the Tribeca Film Festival, among others. Very pleased with the end result and have my fingers crossed..
  • Finished post-production on Portrait, a short horror slash paranormal film for VFS. Provided dialogue editing/mixing, ADR recording/editing/mixing and Foley recording/editing.
  • Have begun work on an unannounced independent platformer for XBLA. Really excited to be able to show some stuff from this one eventually..

This site will be getting a bit of a makeover in 2012 as well, as I rebrand and reform for easier independent contracting.

I’ll be relocating to Seattle in the early part of the New Year to pound pavement and continue to collaborate on independent game sound and short films, watch this space for news as always.

And have a great New Year!


Tomáš Bílek January 1, 2012 Reply

Good job. I really like your ADR and dialogs mix. Voices sound so natural. Where you find actors?

Luca January 1, 2012 Reply

Hey Tomas, thanks for the kind words. It’s funny, the ADR sounded great to me at the time but as I go between different sets of speakers there are times when it sounds totally fake! But that’s probably just because I’ve heard those lines so many times. I really enjoy working with dialogue, that’s something I never expected. The actors in the films shown were all from Vancouver — some union, some not — but all of them delivered really nice ADR performances to my ears. The Mexican callouts in the animation were a few Spanish-speaking classmates (Mexican, Spanish, Venezuelan) of mine that I cast and recorded.

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