Luca Fusi Sound Design | Implementation

Work Examples

Sound Design

Growing collection of excerpted sound effects for games and trailers.

Scroll down on the Soundcloud player or click through to make sure you hear them all!

Deus Ex - Human Revolution "Revenge" Trailer

Original sound redesign of a trailer for Square Enix/EIDOS Montreal's Deus Ex: Human Revolution. After obtaining permission to use these visuals, I took the trailer, removed the audio and started from scratch. I am responsible for the sound design, editing, music, voice casting, recording and final mix.

This is an hyper-compressed and remastered encode of the original 5.1 mix, which premiered in the Van City Theatre, October 2011. Please contact me if you're interested in the 5.1 stems.

Wwise Implementation Demo - FPS

Sandbox example of a Wwise implementation project for a first-person shooter, using original sounds.

Linear Audio

Linear Audio Reel - 2011
General showreel of post-production work -- Dialog, ADR, Foley, SFX, and Sound Design Recording, Editing, Mixing. All copyrights the property of the original rights holders; some of these have been entirely replaced as part of sound design exercises.

Dialog Reel - 2011
Excerpts from post-production Dialog Editing and Mixing.

Other Games and Projects

Infiltration Soundscape
Game audio binaural-perspective soundscape, 90% original source recordings. Read the write-up here.

Wwise/FMOD etc.
Examples of implementation work with dynamic dialog and interactive music in Audiokinetic's Wwise coming soon!

You can also hear a runner-up submission of mine to the SDC009 Wwise challenge discussed on Game Audio Podcast Ep. 11.


Additional Linear Sound

Red Rabbit - (

Short, stylized film about a badass female bounty hunter and a sleepy New Mexico town on her tail. Guns, swords, slang and juxtaposed music. I served as Dialog Editor, ADR, Foley and SFX Recordist/Editor, and one of the Re-Recording Mixers. Red Rabbit has been submitted to a handful of film festivals as of December 2011 and we're all really excited to hear the results.

"Behind" (Animation) - Vancouver Film School

Short, beautiful animation for VFS' classical animation program - I voice cast, cut dialog, cut SFX and performed/recorded a ton of Foley with a great team. Read my write-up on the process here.