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Final Project and Update

Last week, I graduated from VFS' Sound Design for Visual Media program, to an audience of colleagues, parents, instructors and friends. What a ride it's been.

A year ago, that night before I left New York, it felt like I was throwing everything away on a total gamble. I was moving away from friends I'd had for years, my family, my contacts and what have no doubt been some incredible times with Wanderfly to move a coast I'd never known and drown myself in student debt. All to chase the dream, to shut up that little voice that kept telling me I needed to make a change. It's now a year later, and I'm really glad I did. Not in some blanket, everything-has-been-amazing way, but in a very flawed, wonderfully imperfect kinda way. I've changed. I've learned things about myself I would never have known without taking that leap. My eyes and ears have been opened thanks to the wisdom of some incredible teachers. And that far-flung bunch of sound junkies called SD49 have been there the whole time, going from classmates to confidants to lifelong friends.

This was the jist (I think) of my graduation speech as class rep, and while I was worried it all waxed a little too emotional at times, it went over well and it's how I truly feel. It's been an amazing ride, but I can't wait for what comes next.

I owe this place a proper write-up about my time at VFS and things I'd do differently - ex-producer can't help but post-mortem - but for now, a quick look at my final project:

Deus Ex - Human Revolution "Revenge" Trailer Redesign

Everything you're hearing in there, I had a hand in, and as a major Deus Ex fan, it was a total labor of love. I really have to thank Square-Enix and EIDOS Montreal for their permission.

I'll talk a little more about the sounds that went into that trailer when I get some spare time. In the meantime, a bunch of samples of my work have moved to this Work Examples page.

November is film work, job applications and all the sound experimentation I can find time for.


Game Audio – Trailer Music Edit

It's been a while! Our third term has been crazy busy over here, with more post audio work, lots of field recording, some on-set film collaboration stuff, Max/MSP classes and an animation I'm doing the sound for (with a few good friends) on the side. We've just passed a nice block of assignments, so I wanted to come up for air and post a piece of work before diving back in.

Game Audio II

Emotive Game Trailer Assignment: COD4

One of the realities of working at a small-scale game developer (or even some larger ones) is that if you're on-site as the sound guy, you'll occasionally get stuck with some non-developmental audio stuff to do. When the sounds have all been created and implemented and the game's headed for gold, your publisher will want promotional trailers - and you may be the guy to cut them.

For this assignment, we were to choose from a selection of popular game trailers (audio removed) and a handful of available library songs in a variety of genres, then cut, process and edit any number of those songs any way we saw fit to give some emotion to the moving image - accent cuts, create dips and valleys, all that good stuff. The artificial challenge here is that we were able to work only with the source songs as raw audio material, and couldn't bring in extra SFX to do impacts, bass dives or any other tricks we might want to use. We had to get resourceful.

In the end, I used bits and pieces from 5-6 of the potential songs to create the video below. Just a quick look at the original audio before we hit my edit:

SD49 Luca Emotive Game Trailer Sources by lucafusi

It all took off from messing with the pitch of the DnB song and realizing it sounded like a pretty cool beat in and of itself. That track was also the major component of my SPFX during the intro soldier segment and the gunshot to the screen. Here's the final result:

More in the coming days or week. Keeping busy!