Luca Fusi Sound Design | Implementation


WUIS Worklog MON 4/28

  • Installed Wwise, Unity.
  • Read through the Wwise Unity Integration Demo documentation and downloaded any listed prerequisites.
  • Created two blank Unity projects--one for sandboxing around and testing out the integration (WwiseUnityIntegration_v2013.2.5_Windows), one for specifically working with the provided demo (WwiseUnityIntegrationDemo_v2013.2.5_Windows).
  • Watched Craig Deskins’ helpful video on Wwise-Unity integration to get a better sense of how all this stuff links together--what folder structures Unity expects, what terminology’s being thrown around (“Scenes,” “Assets,” etc.), things like that. Video is possibly a little outdated, as Audiokinetic seems to have stepped its game up with the provided integration package in the last few years. But, it was still really useful!
  • Stepped through the Demo documentation until I hit my first stumbling block--a .dll missing when I attempt to play audio in the Unity player. Posted a question to the Audiokinetic support forums to try to unblock myself here. Compiling the game into an executable and then running that seems to work fine, but it’d be great to have audio working within the Unity IDE proper.

I’m realizing that I need a better sense of how Unity works on its own, apart from Wwise. And, that I’ll likely have to make a very, very simple game to stretch my legs.

So, I've decided to dive into Unity's own projects and tutorials for a better look under the hood, while I wait to see if anyone's got a solution to my Wwise audio not working. I'm thinking I missed some key redistributable / bundle of libraries somewhere in the setup process (running Windows 8.1), but who knows.